Ace of Diamond Season 3 Episode 49 Spoiler

Ace of diamond is one of the popular anime series and the series is listed on 52 episode. This is a third season of this anime and the story of ace of diamond is taken from manga. This anime based on baseball. The season is start on 2 April 2019 and still going on.

Here we talk about the Ace of diamond Season 3 episode 49, but first we listed the highlights of previous episode. That is help to know about more new watcher.

Ace of Diamond Season 3 Episode 48 Overview:

The episode title is “Get Back” and the released on 3rd March 2020. Sawamura feel something is strange there and the opposite team member are very calm down. Seido High School team first inning and the first batter reached to the third base without stopping. The second batter Kominato and hit very nicely. Yura Sogo player out the three player of Seido after one run.

Sawamru remembers his a week ago training and out two with is first pitch. Seido Team change the strategy and this is help them a lot. Higashiyama strategy also change and he outs three. The Seido coach understand the position of Samamura and change the pitcher in fourth inning.

Ace of Diamond Season 3 Episode 49 Spoiler/Overview:

Seido High school change the pitcher and the Sawamura is tired and tensed. Sawamura and other team members worried to coach decision. The title of Ace of Diamond episode 49 “Seido Goes All Out”. We idea for that Seido all goes out but what is the score after the ending this match. There are not showing in preview about Seido are losing or wining. The new pitcher of Seido team have some new strategy or not. This is not expose now. There are have very little chance to continue the momentum like previous inning. The coach of Yura Sogo are managing the player very sharply and judge all the moments of Seido High School.

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This time who’s wining the nation title?

Can Seido new pitcher come for one inning?

What is running in Seido coach mind?

The Fifth inning is very difficult for Seido team, there are one more things how the again face Higashiyama pitcher. The episode are very interesting.

When the ace of diamond episode 49 release?

The episode release on March 10 2020 and the title of the episode “Seido Goes All Out”.


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