Aikatsu On Parade Episode Spoiler

Aikatsu is very anime animation series that was start on Oct 5 2019 and still running on TV. Today anime in tv talk about the Aikatsu on Parade! Episode 18. The anime based on arcade cards battle. The Gothic Wars was the very interesting episode.

AIkatsu on Parade Episode 17 (Gothic Wars):

Aikatsu on Parade previous episode Gothic Wars the bunny ears growing on people. Moon Princes want to control all the people. Raki Chan is not have hopping ear and majority of people have hopping rabbit ear. The Moon Princess by passing time make all the person his servant with growing hopping rabbit ear. They want to be a Moon Princes all the time.


They Think Raki Chan is a wonderful servant. The song is weapon of Moon Princess to make a servant with Rabbit ear. There was a great entry of the Musketeers. Lily Shirogane was standing against the Moon Princess. After listening the song of Lily the hopping rabbit ear disappear.


The Moon Princess take the Lilly and his friends.  Raki Chan and his friends to another dimension. The Gothic Wars Begin there. Raki Chan Help the three musketeers to save the earth by playing the song. Moon Princess Plan was failed and the world is recovered by three musketeers. But at the end Raki Chan Know this was a movie and the all the effect and illusion created by her Sister.

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Aikatsu on Parade Episode 18 (You’re Entrance):

Raki Chan want to enter in show with his own special dress. The episode will be on air 8 Feb 2020 and the title of the episode your entrance. Raki Chan very excited to enter this show and want to introduce his own special dress. His friends see the interest and excitement of Raki Chan. They help her to be a Part of this show. To know the whole story you will wait until the episode release date.


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