Aikatsu on Parade Epsiode 20-21 Spoiler

Anime in TV always coming with new updates and spoilers about anime series and games. Aikatsu on Parade is a card based anime series that was launched in 5 Oct 2019. Aikatsu on Parade 19 episode recently published.

The episode 19 title is “Dance Valentine Sweets”
Transcription: “Odoru Barentain Suītsu”

Aikatsu on parade previous episode Raki want to give the valentine sweets to all idol but she is little confuse about it because she is not know which one is best for them. Than Aine give him the suggestion about Valentine festival. Aikatsu Valentine Festival is the best festival for sweets. Raki Chan also see there her Idol friends. After the performance they tell about her favorite sweets. Raki Chan and her friend taste many of the sweets there. Many of the friends of Raki Chan promote the sweets and many other product in Valentine festival. After seeing many of sweets Raki Chan decide to make his own sweet and name it Lucky Sweets.

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The Aikatsu on Parade Episode 20 title “Shines Local Idol”. We watch in preview there are many local idol meets each other.

There are have the possibilities there is the epic battles between the local idol and many of the new cards we see in Aikatsu on Parade episode 20. Episode 20 released on 22 Feb 2020 on Saturday and episode 21 of Aikatsu on parade released 29 Feb 2020 on Saturday.


In other side the episode 21 title also revealed and the title “Let’s Go! Aikatsu! Grand Sports Festival!” the festival not shown like Valentine sweets festival. In Aikatsu Sports Festival we will see many new Idol with new updated clothes design. Episode 20 and 21 create the new height of Aikatsu series and make it more interesting.


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