Black Clover Episode 155 Spoiler

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Black Clover Season 4 Episode 154 Highlight/Overview:

In the previous episode we watched, Asta train himself hard and become a magic knight he always want to top. Black Clover Season 4 are getting very interesting and fans are crazy about it. Episode 154 title is “Vice Captain Langris Vaude” and it is already released.

Vice-Captain race began and they are thinking whose the next vice-captain is. Langris asked yuno for spar and the battle begin in a while. Yuno won the spar and Langris leave the vice-captain position according to his bet. Langris and Julius reached to the heart kingdom for train himself hard.

Black Clover Episode 155 Spoiler:

In this episode heart kingdom got two more knights. The morning of the knights start with the hard training and there are Asta and Langris try to improve their skills and participate the race of the next king. The season is pretty interesting and many of the villains and evils be a part of this season.

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What is the Title and Released Date?

Black Clover Season 4 Episode 155 title is “The 5 Spirit Guardians” and released on December 8 2020.


Black Clover Episode 156 and 157 title and releasing date also revealed:

Black Clover Season 4 Episode 156 title is “Awakening Power” and released on December 15 2020.

Black Clover Episode 156 title pointing out someone get the new power level but we are not know who is he? The warrior is expose in upcoming episode and you until waiting.

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Black Clover Season 4 Episode 156 title is “The Five-Leaf Clover” and released on December 22 2020.

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