Boruto Naruto Next Generation Episode 173 Spoiler

Boruto episode 173 will be very interesting and we will discuss about it. always come with latest anime and game reviews.  This is the second journey of Leaf Shinobi Naruto Shippuden. After Naruto season boruto season very popular and fans are crazy about it.

Boruto Naruto Next Generation Episode 172 Highlight/Overview:

In Previous episode boruto in unconscious even his friends try to awake him. He is going to be next level when he awake. How much his Jutsu powerful we all watch in episode 171. Nattou want autograph Orochimaru and leaf shinobi help Iwabe and his team. They get the autograph and come back to hospital. At last Nattou get the autograph and other side boruto awaked. The title of the Episode 172 is “A Signature of Fear” and released in 1st November 2020.

Soon the team 7 again together and solved many mission once again.

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Boruto Naruto Next Generation Episode 173 Spoiler:

In upcoming episode 173 the plan will be revealed and fans are know what the new problems leaf shinobi face is. What is Feuda Lords hiding and what is his plan, leaf Shinobi want to know about his plan and stop him.

Can the secret expose of Mugina?

Mitsuke out of danger but when the team 7 go to mission once again.

How powerful Boruto new jutsu and how can he control it?


What is Title, Released date and where to watch it?

Boruto episode 173 title is “The Secret Behind the Underground Room” and the release date 8th November 2020. You can watch it many sites Crunchyroll is one of them.


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