Boruto Naruto Next Generation Episode 177

Hello guys welcome in our website www.animeintv.coma and stay tune with us for more upcoming anime spoiler and game reviews. Boruto episode 177 coming soon and we are try to review and discuss what is happening in it.

Boruto Episode 176 Highlight/Overview:

In the episode 176 we watched leaf shinobi expose the divine tree and Victor plan is not be cleared yet. Can Victor is the member of the Kara organization. Leaf Shinobi thoughts how to protect the peoples. Naruto worry about the people of village and going to see what is going on there?

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Denki working on his transmitter experiment, and boruto and his friends help him. His experiment was working successfully. Naruto decide not to blockade the gate and try to connect each other. Victor deal something about with Kara. The title of the episode is “Blockade the A-Un Gate!” and already released.

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Boruto Naruto Next Generation Episode 176

Boruto Episode 177 Spoiler:

This episode released in coming Sunday and boruto and his friends testing the power of sensation. Kara organization plan heart the leaf shinobi and the people of village.

What is Victor plans?

Kara Organization why need the divine tree?

What is the Vessel?

Can Naruto try to stop the Kara organization and save the people of village?

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What is the title? Released date and where to watch?  

Boruto episode 177 title is “The Iron Wall’s Sensing System” and released on 6 December 2020. You watched the episode in many official sites, Funianimation and Crunchyroll is one of them.