Boruto Naruto Next Generation Episode 180 Spoiler come with the latest anime spoiler of Boruto Episode 180 and hope you guys are very excited to watch it. We always try to expose the story line of your favorite anime and through our imagination.

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Boruto Episode 179 Highlight/Overview:

In boruto episode 179 we watched victor want to recover his body parts but his body did not accept it. The title of the episode 179 is “Victor’s Scheme” Victor want to reach to the next level.

Other side Naruto Assigned Boruto and his team for future Hokage the Land of Valley. They are very happy and excited for A rank and S rank mission. But Boruto hand is not fully recover. The victor vessel went secretly but after a while it was blast in side and visible in sky.

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Boruto Episode 180 Spoiler:

Victor plan was in trouble and Boruto and his friends ready for the next mission with excitement. This is a top secret mission there may be Kara Exposed. Mugino lead the team and there are many things they know about victor plan, we will watched in upcoming boruto episode 180.

Anime Boruto Naruto Next Generation Watch Online

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What is the title, released date and where to watch?

Boruto fans your wait is over, Boruto episode 180 title is “The Assassin, Mugino” and will be watch it on December 27, 2020.

The other upcoming episode title also revealed:

Boruto Episode 181 “The Vessel”

Boruto Episode 182 “Ao”

Boruto Episode 183 “The Hand”

Boruto Episode 184 “Puppets”


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