Boruto Naruto Next Generation Episode 145

Boruto Naruto next generation episode 144, boruto think kokuri member of the Mujina Gang and he asked about the money from Kokuri but he is not tell about it. The title of the Episode 144 “Kokuri Secret”. Benga is finding the money and know about the hidden secrets. Benga blackmail one of the cellmates and want to know about the Boruto and Kokuri.


Tsukiya come to kill the Kokuri and Boruto try to save him. But after a while when kokuri tell Tsukiya about money, Tsukiya get it was trap by Boruto. After know the Tsukiya the Leaf Shinobi impress from him. Lord Mujo is in critical condition because he is not take medicine on time.

Boruto Naruto Next Generation Episode 145, the Leaf Shinobi are in trouble because they are not give his message to other team mates. So they plan to break the cell and safe the Kokuri life.

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The title of episode 145 “Breaking Out of Hozuki Castle”
Transcription: “Hōzuki-jō o datsugoku seyo”

 (Japanese: 鬼灯城を脱獄せよ)

The episode officially release on 23rd Feb 2020.

Benga is not want any mistake this time and Leaf Shinobi doing is best to break the cell.

The title of episode 146 and 147 also revealed, episode 146 titled “Jailbreak, Execution!” and episode 147 titled”Decisive Battle in the Moonlight”.

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