Boruto Naruto Next Generation Episode 147 Spoiler

Anime series always come with your favorite anime spoiler and today we try to expose the Boruto Naruto Next Generation episode 147.

Where to watch it and release date?

The episode 147 officially release date 8 March 2020 Sunday and you watched it Crunchyroll. The title of Boruto episode 147 “The Moonlit, Decisive Battle”. The title tell us this episode are very interesting and having epic battle.

Boruto episode 146 highlights:

In previews episode Benga know about the trick of Boruto and his friend and order to guards to find them. Boruto and his friends try to find a way in underground tunnel. They find two faces dog there and the dog attacks them. With the Mitsuki Lighting Strike attack stop the two faces dog and the again try to find water tank. They find the empty water tanker and the other side Sarada in Trouble to having lots of water in tunnel. Kedama saved the Sarada life and guide him.

After a while Benga find them but Sarada also there with a plan. Sarada punch the earth and the water floating out.

Benga talked with Tsukiya and deal with him. Tsukiya going to stop Boruto and his friends.

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Boruto Episode 147 Spoiler / Overview

Now we are discuss about Boruto Naruto Next generation Episode 147 “The Fateful Moonlit Battle”. The battle is against the Tsukiya, Tsukiya is a powerful shinobi and he is fight with in moon light using his full power.

There is the possibility Kokuri tell him the truth?

The Fight is not easy for the Shinobi?

May be the Naruto become a part of this fight?

Sarada calm down the Tsukiya?

There is one think strange the name of the battle is Deceive Battle, who is deceiving.

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