Boruto Naruto Next Generation Episode 160 “To The Land of Silence”

Boruto is turning a story line and some of the old member be a part of this arc. this time coming with Boruto episode 160 spoiler and discuss about our thoughts about. Hope you guys like it.

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Boruto Episode 159 Highlight\Overview:

Boruto and his friend thinking what is happening with Mr. Anato. They applying sealing jutsu to stop Anato but he break the two person sealing jutsu easily. Victor shinobi using scientific ninja tool on Anato and Anato is not able to stand against the attack of them.

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Leaf shinobi decide to go back and Victor team tested Anato. But they did not find anything than Victer order them to kill Anato. During the fight with Anato, Mitsuki snake bite Anato arms and after a while Mitsuki body cells converting like Anato body.

They reached to the Doctor Yubina hospital. Yubina have a abilty to heal the injured. Yubina using her medical ninjatsu to recover the Mitsuke and Sarada help her. She is successfully put the foreign mater and he recover because he has powerful immune system.

Mugina think Anato searching Hashirama Cell because they using Wood Style Jutsu.

Boruto Episode 160 Spoiler:

What is dangerous in land of silience?

They are start to searching where to Hashirama cell came.

Why Mr. Victor want to use Hashirama Cell?

Can Mitsuki cell use for antidot?

Anato alive or dead in next episode?

What Victor want for anato?

How can they all effect by the Hashirama cell?

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In episode 160 they going to recover Hashimara cell and get the main person who is behind it. They reached to the land of silience. This is the very difficult mission for them. They finding someone whose know about Hashimara cell.

When the episode released and what is the titled of episode 160?

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 160 released on 9 August, 2020. The tit;ed of episode 160 is “To The Land of Silence”, there are many difficulties Leaf Shinobi Face.

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