Boruto Naruto Next Generation Episode 172 Spoiler

Hello guys welcome once again in our website and this time we back with one of the most famous anime series Boruto episode 172 spoiler. This anime is based on shinobi or ninja life. The previous series Naruto Shippuden is very popular and boruto Naruto next generation also very popular.

Boruto Naruto Next Generation Episode 171 Highlight/Overview:

In previous episode we watched Shojoji and boruto fight together. This is a very tough fight between them. This time his Ninjatsu work and affected Shojoji. Other side Sarada and her mom fight, her mom want to test his power level and want to know how series she is about new Chakra. At least Sarada observe her mom Chakra and try to copy it and use a powerful sharingan. She was prove herself front of her mom. Mitsuke recovering himself slowly. The title of episode 171 “The Results of Training” and released on 25 October 2020 on Sunday.

Boruto Naruto Next Generation Episode 172 Spoiler:

Boruto epi 172 would be very interesting, boruto and sarada both are tired after hard training. Both they are learn something new and pass the limits one again. The shinobi kids want a signature this is difficult for them. Orochimaru signature very difficult to get. Let’s see they get the signature or not.  

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Can boruto pass the limits?

Can Sarada get the full contral Sharingan chakra like his mom?

Where is Hashirama Cell that is still a question?

Why they need Hashirama Cell?


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What is the Title and Released Date?

Boruto episode 172 title is “A Signature of Fear” and released date 1 November 2020 on Sunday.

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Boruto episode 173 title is “The Secret of the Cellar” and released date 8 November 2020 on Sunday.

Boruto episode 174 title is “The Revival of the Divine Tree” and released date 15 November 2020 on Sunday.

Boruto episode 175 title is “Going Beyond the Limit…!!” and released date 22 November 2020 on Sunday.

Boruto episode 176 title “Lockdown the A・N Gates” and released date 29 November 2020 on Sunday.

Hope you guys like Boruto episode 172 and stay tune with us for more upcoming anime spoiler and game reviews.