Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 138 (“Hiashi’s Birthday”) in English

Boruto Naruto is very famous anime all around the globe and the anime express the story line of shinobi life. It is a spoiler about Boruto Naruto Nest Generation episode 138 and the title is Hiashi Birthday that will be released on 29 December 2019.
The full spoiler published soon.


In the previous episode we watched the student was changed and the new journey begins after the episode 138 the boruto anime take a rest a little beat and start the new arc in the mid of January the arc is very interesting and shinobi student learn something new in this arc. The title of hiashi birthday is showing they are surprise hiashi and the episode is end with his birthday. Right now the Boruto Naruto Next generation episode 139 title and date not revealed so than we will wait the title and date of the episode 139.

Ultimate Ninja Blazing Game for Android and IOS:

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Blazing is first Naruto anime game and very popular in all around the globe. In this game you join the epic battle with you most favorite Naruto character. This game your character fighting in Shinobi style and he have epic strength and incredible abilities and you can upgrade your character. Complete all the mission task to choose your favorite shinobi character and increase the power level of it. This game full of new modes and ultimate Naruto Characters and every updates give you a new modes and mission that is never get you bored.  The character have great combination attacks and combos that helps you to in fight against your powerful enemy. The game type RPG and having a great PVP battle and single mission mods that help you to increase coins and stones and you also unlock a new characters with the stones and upgrade your character.
Ultimate Ninja Blazing Game Some of the stunning features
There are more than unique Naruto heroes with his own unique attacks and combos.
You use special attacks and combo combination against your opponent.
Unleash ninjutsu abilities to for make your Shinobi more powerful and the defensive abilities to stop the enemy’s attacks.
The mission modes give you the chance to express the Naruto story and enjoy the mission.
The story line of mission is going similar how the anime series going. The all mission connect with Naruto life and it is very entertaining.
Massive attack damage possible with the combination of combo and awakening attack with limit breaks.
Battle against another ninja with multiplayer mode or challenge with a friend or family.
Some time you meet very powerful warrior in online battle and his attacks and combo combination very cool that is help you to know more about new combination and attacks.

You join the battle and do a mission up to 3 ninja:

Jump Force

Jump Force is one of the best anime game. That is introduce all the time favorite anime characters and the fans are very to play them. There are a many playable character. The game is full of action and many of the super warriors that is fight to other opponents and the opponents are very powerful and the super attacks is taken with the anime series.  There are most favorite characters are Goku, Naruto, Baruto, Luffy, Zoro and many more playable characters. The all new mods are very famous and the mods are taking with all new famous anime. There are also new mods that is created with fans. There many things including sounds attacks visual effects and many more things. The game is develop by Spike Chunsoft and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment.  
The game is already released on 15 Feb 2019. The game have all the time popular manga characters and the game released on 50th manga magazine series and they all manga character have doing anime epic battle. The game is develop on unreal engine 4. The game graphics extra cool with high poly 3d models and each 3d model are very well design and the texture full of realistic shading. The arena is a beautifully design and the arena VFX is very cool. The series is the variant of jump shernon series. The game have two most interesting mode single mode and multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode is very interesting in anime lovers. The game mode are very interesting and full of epic battles. The game is released for Ps4, Xbox One and Win platform and the all platform are most demanded.

Naruto to Boruto; Shinobi Striker:

This game based on online ninja battle with ultimate ninja warriors and new epic ninja characters with new epic skills abilities and also having new epic arena this game is popular for his new and multiplayer modes all the mods are most about this game are very famous and you also updated the skills of your Shinobi warriors. The game have best thing the epic online battle and the skills abilities you updated with new attacks. You also increase your warrior by updating the warrior. This game is fighting game with having an amazing story mode. The story mode discovering the story of Naruto Boruto anime and the anime are very popular all around the globe. The game have thrilling 3D environment with stunning visual effects. Naruto to Boruto shinobi striker character take from the real anime series and the series very popular with new Naruto Boruto next generation, people love this anime and the anime character explore the new story line that is turning the story in new way. The game is full of new stylish characters and the character design created on anime series. The game is very interesting and gamer love it very much. The game released in 2018 with all new Naruto Boruto next generation anime series. The all the movies cut scene is very popular and TTT is taken from the anime series.   
The new arc very interesting for anime lover and it is full of adventure and action.
 Still tune with for more updates about games and spoiler.