Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 139 in English spoiler

Boruto Naruto is the very famous anime series after Naruto Shippuden series. Boruto anime is based on Shinobi life and the anime is turn in new arc. The episode 139 title is not revealed but the episode is release in the mid of January, the episode begin with a new arc. The arc is very entertaining for boruto fans and it it is full of action.


In the previous episode they shinobi team celebrated the birthday of Hiashi.
In Episode 137 the student was exchange in the village and the new training start with a new master.
The anime is turn in a new story line after the journey of sasuke and boruto. The boruto Naruto is having a huge fans fallowing in all around the globe.
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Anime most famous games:

Jump Force:

Jump force is a very interesting fighting game with high definition 3D crossover character. The game based on all famous anime character and on the cover picture Goku the Sayain, Luffy the Pirate and Naruto the Shinobi.
The game is full of action and highly define the structure of all the characters beautifully. The anime anime characters built in with his special attacks and the combo sequence. The epic fight game developed by Spike Chunsoft and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. There are various manga characters introduce and you select your favorite manga hero and begin the fight against your powerful opponent. The game released on Manga series 50 anniversary.


The game was released 15 Feb 2019 for Win, PS4, Xbox one platform. Also many fan created the jump force for in mugen game engine and the screen pack and game also very popular. This is a full time fighting game with having two modes single mode and multiplayer mode. The game design and develop in unreal engine for and it is very powerful engine. The engine special design to develop extra high definition games and movie clips. The jump force develop in unreal engine 4 and the unreal engine is one of the best gaming engine for new generation games. The game is full of epic battles. All the manga favorite anime part of this game and the main attack of take from anime series and the all attacks and abilities are very popular. The game have single mode and multiplayer mode and both modes are stunning. But gamer like multiplayer mode because the mode is more interesting as compare to single mode.


In multiplayer modes have most interesting and powerful opponent and many new mission updates that make the game more interesting. You are join the battle with your friend and try to defeat him with your favorite manga warrior. This game have one of the best thing the manga character have same combo or skills that is we see in manga series. The manga series are very popular and people are crazy about it.
Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker:
Naruto to Boruto shinobi striker is game based on old generation shinobi and new generation shinobi. Who’s watched the Naruto boruto series who know boruto is son of Naruto and the game based on shinobi and the game type fight and role play. The game released in 2018 for PS4, Xbox One and PC platform. The DLC of this game are very popular and many of the fan made mod of characters and stages built in and updated with new attacks, also change the sound and theme to make this game more attractive.
The game published by Bandai Namco Entertainment and developed by Soleil Ltd. The battle began with 4 VS 4 characters. The player also create your own costume characters and put the skill and attacks on it. The custom character update with wining fight and train it. The character creator is the very first time added in it games series. The game have English and Japanese voices. The each character have one ability in four category attack, speed, offence and defense. The player have one special technique that is badly damage your opponents.
The best thing in this game multiplayer battle mode where you battle with powerful opponent and you use different strategy to defeat him. Many battle type part of multiplayer mode and this game team work is very important.
The AI is too good design and the graphics are taken from the manga anime series and the series are very popular and the famous all around the globe. Now the Boruto season running on air and there are many of Naruto and baruto anime series character part of this game. The game is full adventure and DLC is very popular and many of the new characters added in DLC and explaining the new story mod in it. Your avatar character you create and put your favorite attacks or abilities in it. These are the playable characters your avatar, Naruto, Boruto, sasuke uchiha, sakura haruna, kakashi hatake, rock lee, shikamaru nara, chioji akimichi, gaara, sai, yamato, pain, konan, kabuto yakushi, itachi uchihan, kisame hoshigaki, deidara, srada uchiha, and mitsuki. When you update new DLC, you get the new missions and Shinobi Characters with new stages.

DLC 1 and DLC 2:

Jiraiya, hiruzen, oruchimaru, minato namikaze, tobirama senjo, hashimaro senjo, tsunade, obita ochiha, and madara uchiha are the part of DLC 1.
Zabuza momochi, haku, onoki, killer B and Ina yamanaka are the part of DLC 2.
Some of the playable stage with having different climates are hidden of leaf village, forest of death, hidden sand village, hidden cloud village, hidden rain village and chunin exam final arena. The game is popular for its characters and story mode. The some DLC is design by fan. Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker is high rated game of Baruto anime and the anime spoilers also very demanded. There are iconic theme with latest background and some of the other anime character be a of this game that is added by fans.
The cool DLC launched with all new character and new area map.
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