Dragon Ball Heroes Big Bang Arc Episode 21 Spoiler

Dragon ball heroes Super Big bang arc turn the story line of heroes in new way, Dragon ball heroes episode 20 special arc expose many things and xeno Vegito and Xeno Trunks fight against the god of darkness. The fight is very interesting but xeno Vegito much powerful as compare to God of Darkness. Trunks are destroy the God of Darkness with his new powerful energy weapon. At the end Toki Toki transform in big bird and destroy the darkness palace with his wings energy blasts. One of the most interesting thing is expose in episode 20, Towa and Mira save his son Fu and the dimension was explode. Towa and Mira die there and Fu is coming to take a revenge of Time patroller and other universe z warriors. Special Arc is a yelling new story line and I enjoy it a lot.

Dragon Ball Heroes Big Bang Arc episode 21

Dragon Ball Heroes Big Bang Arc treasure on air now. The Episode Big Bang Arc are very interesting and full of action. There are all the God of destruction attack on him because they are deterioration in time and this is disturb all the universe.  Big Bang Arc we see Goku Blue one again fight with Beerus and many of the other God of destruction are very angry on them.  One again we see many of time patroller in Big Bang Arc and something new villain be a part of this arc. Frieza, Broly and Bardock are shown in new upcoming treasure. There are evil Janemba introduce and universe 7 warriors try to stop him. The episode release on 5th March 2020. The title of Dragon Ball Heroes episode 21 is not be revealed now.

Dragon Ball Heroes Big Bang Arc expose many new hidden factors.

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