Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 19 Spoiler in English

Dragon ball super is the most popular anime in the world. All series done well but the dragon ball super make it more popular in just 2 years. The new promotional series of Dragon ball is Dragon Ball Heroes.
The new Dragon ball heroes promotional series is now in working as you now the new episode of dragon ball super is released today (22 December 2019), and we see the fusion of goku and vegeta (Gogeta). What a brilliant power of Gogeta, we see Gogeta is a lot of different power from when he fights with fused zamasu and New brolly in brolly movie in early 2019. 
In episode 18, we see goku and vegeta fused (Gogeta) powers up and fight with golden hearts. Golden hearts get hit by Gogeta and Gogeta dodge the hearts attacks. Gogeta Super Saiyan blue getting more powerful and hit a punch on hearts face. What a brilliant animation done by toei Animation Company. Heart make a punch with the blocks on his hand and Gogeta dodge it as well. Gogeta super Saiyan blue show its power that he is stronger.

Predictions of Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 19:

At the end of episode of 18, we see the heart powers up and make a gravity on all the Z fighters and HIT, Jiren. All the fighters get down on the ground and Gogeta powers up and transform (awesome transform) into super Saiyan blue. At the end, Hearts call a meteor or a planet I did not understand what is this, after the he controls the meteor or planet and burn it on fire and get back of this meteor or planet and throw the planet or meteor towards the Gogeta Super Saiyan Blue and Gogeta powers up more and more and now a question is Gogeta is able to stop the meteor or planet or not.
As we see the power of Gogeta so I think so he can stop the meteor with Super KAME-HAME-HA Wave or by using its brilliant disappears thing attack that he uses against Jenamba right. Gogeta Super Saiyan blue may be use Kaioken technique. Anything can be possible in this promotional series. But I think so, that’s the last technique (Fusion) that can stop hearts this is the last attack of GOKU and VEGETA Against the biggest villain in the history faced by Z Fighters.
As you and I know, Goku always waiting for a powerful opponent, and goku is able to beat the enemy as well but always with a new technique. 
Is it possible, that we can see Gogeta Ultra instinct Master? Anything possible in this series. We have to wait for the next episode for the awesome but little battle 8-minute episode OMG. I want 23-minute Episode again. In 8 minutes episode, we did not get the full fun right. 
SO, the possibilities of the attack of Gogeta Super Saiyan Blue are:
1: Super KAMA-HAME-HA Wave.
2: Disappear Attack.
3: Kaio-Ken Technique and throw the Planet or Meteor.
4: Gogeta Ultra Instinct Master.
Upcoming Dragon ball Game: 

Dragon ball Z kakarot

Dragon Ball z kakarot game is releasing in January 17 2019. The game based on Kakarot life and the game is very popular in dragon ball fans. The game is a full pack of entertainment. The all the saga is very popular and the mods is not be declare right now. May the episode is end with dragon ball z kakarot and take a rest and start with a new season with the break, dragon ball need a break because the manga is still going on and the one piece and other anime series also continue that is why they have not much good artist to begin the next season of dragon ball. Dragon ball last season was big hit and break all the records in anime world.
Dragon ball super broly movie also breaks the records of box office and people are love it. The movie was not released in some countries but they are earn much from it. The game is full action pack and expose the story line of Goku and other saiyan life. There are most epic battle with powerful warriors and the all the dramatically cut scene take you in the past history of dragon ball. Dragon ball is one of the top rated anime and after a long rest it comes again and the fans are happy to see the new story line of dragon ball super. Dragon ball super broly movie is also a big hit and people love the movie and appreciated the work of production. The movie part 2 is coming in 2021 in the beginning and dragon ball super season 2 also coming in 2021.
The season 2 of super series is highly demanded and there are many spoiler out about the dragon ball super season 3 and now running a dragon ball super hero’s promotional series and the series also very popular. The story line of heroes express the new story line with new evil villain. The all the story line of dragon ball anime and manga we play in dragon ball z Kakarot game. The game game play is very popular in you tube and gamer are very excited to play it. Many of the new villain and new characters introduce in it.
The game is full of adventure and the graphics and AI amazing. The beta version released for ps4 and xbox one. Many of the gamer completed this beta version and waiting for the releasing the game full version and the game have 4 edition and each edition different to each other. The collection edition is very popular and expensive to other edition. Dragon ball z kakarot is most demanded game all around the globe and gamer are very excited to play it. Hope you all gamer like the game and enjoy the saiyan life adventures.
Anything can be done in Dragon Ball Heroes episode 19. What the brilliant episode we can see on Dragon Heroes next time. Don’t miss it.
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