Dragon Ball Legends 2.2.0 Updated Feature  

Dragon ball legends is the best hyper graphic action game with fighting 3player vs 3 player battle. The game is developed by Bandai Namco. Bandai Namco is well known gaming company and expert in fighting game. Bandai Namco developed many popular game Tekken, Dragon Ball Tenkaichi Tag Team, Xenoverse 1 and 2, Dragon ball heroes, Dragon ball fighter Z and in January 17 they releasing Dragon ball Z Kakarotfor pc,ps4 and xbox one platform.


What is updates in Dragon ball Legends 2.1.0?

Dragon ball legends is one of the most addictive mobile game and Dragon Ball fan really like it a lots and in this game new mods are introduce in the new variant in 4 December 2019 (Dragon Ball Legends2.0.0). Dragon ball legends also famous in all around the world by its multiplayer function. You choose any Z warrior and fight with your opponent or also invite your friend by sending invitation of battle. After the fight your warrior upgraded and you get the chronicle crystal to increase your warrior power level and health power. After completing a level you warrior is more powerful and exceed the abilities. The all the bugs fixes in this version and make it more smother. The latest mods and summons unlock it this updates. The game full pack of action.

DBL Summons?

Dragon ball all the summons are very popular but it is your good luck to get your favorite summons because mostly your get the same summons that you’re already have. Some summons are very unique and very difficult to achieved broly, goku ssj 3 vageta ssj4, goku ssj4 , vageta ssj4, gogeta ssj, gogeta blue, jiren, hit, beerus, golden frieza, goku ssgss blue, vageta ssgss blue these are the best summons all the time and still highly demanded.

DBL New Version 2.1.0?

When the DBL version updated add some new story mods in it and fix all the bugs that is player suffer during the game. Latest version of DBL added hyper dimensional Co-Op, a new mode where you battle alongside players around the world. Added Zenkai Awakening for some Z warriors. Fix the Zenkai Awakening! Issues Fixed and fixed various bugs that irritate the players. DBL is very popular game after Dokkan battle and pokemon go. Anime game all the time addictive and never get you bored. You can download the Dragon ball legends 2.0.0 on google paly store and the Dragon ball legends 2.1.0 released soon. 

Dragon Ball Legends 2.1.0 Updates Feature

After passing time dragon ball legends story mode take a turn into new story line and this version of game give the new summons and much powerful warriors. The game is a famous in anime lover but it is also very popular all around the globe and the reason of popularity is every version have something new and people like to play new challenges and want to fight new powerful opponent and the game is full of entertainment.
All the version of DBL having some new feature and cool anime Z warriors and some of the new version have some new characters with ultimate character. The character is especially design for new version the power level and health are very high. You need a strategy and powerful z warrior to defeat them. Each warrior have some different kind of skills and the each character attacks are very unique. You need some button combination to defeat your opponents.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Dragon ball Z Kakarot is one of the most famous game and the kakarot game is upcoming game, and the game release in 17 January 2020. Dragon ball Z kakarot role play fighting game with kakarot story line of Goku. Goku is also known with the name Kakarot. it is the birth name of Goku. The story start with the beginning and dragon ball is very famous anime series and story based on goku life that is briefly explain with new ultimate villain. There are introducing new character that is design by Toe Animation. Dragon ball all games are very popular and the games highly demanded in gaming industry.
Dragon ball Z Kakarot have the all the time favorite sagas are saiyan saga, frieza saga, android saga, cell saga, buu saga, golden frieza saga, zamasu saga, black saga, zenkai tournament, hit saga, baby saga, dragon saga, dragon ball super saga, god of destruction saga, dragon ball super broly movie saga and dragon ball heroes saga. Dragon ball Z Kakarot coming in standard edition, ultimate edition, deluxe edition and dragon ball collection edition. Each edition have something special. If you order the Pre- Order dragon ball z kakarot you get a new character that is design by Toi, and also get the new bonuses with extra stages. The mods of dragon ball game are much demanded and many of the fan working of fan made mods. Some of the mods are very famous in fans. But the Dragon ball z kakarot mods are not released now because the game is not released yet. So you are wait until 17 Jan to play this game. Many of the brilliant game play uploaded by the gamer on YouTube and many other sites.
 Dragon ball fans are very excited to play the game and many of the fans definitely pre order the game online. If you pre order the game you get the game 3 days earlier and play it before officially release that is very excited. The game have single play mode and express the story of goku. Goku is all the time favorite character in all around the globe and every one show the interest in dragon ball games and anime series, the dragon ball super last episode of tournament of power and a huge reaction of fans in one place. This is the very special movement.  And now the fans are ready observing the adventure of dragon ball Z kakarot. Hope so you all gamer like the game and enjoy it like previous dragon ball games.
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