Dragon Ball Legends 2.5.1 Clone Apk

Dragon ball legends is one of the most famous card fighting game for android and ios. This game is released not yet all region. But you download it a clone version to play it. There are many chapters’ updates with the new story line and you also updates your character power level and updates the attacks. This game provide the daily summons and after winning the fight the fighter updates and get the chronicle crystals. Dragon Ball Legends is the one of the most popular game after Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle.
Dragon ball fans spread all around the globe and the story of the game is match to the anime series that is why people like the game. DBL 2.5.2 version released coming soon with new summons and incredible new fighters. Each attack power different kind of damage opponent. Each fighter have different kind of fighting abilities and super combos that is highly damage the opponent warrior.

Features of Dragon Ball Legends

The fighter increase the abilities during fighter and unlock the new treasure boxes. The highly demanded summons are Goku, Vageta, Broly Bardock, Whis, Vageto, Gogeta, Hit, Jiren , Topo, Dyspo, Buu, Goku ssj3, Beerus and many more. There are the best thing about summons the each summons upgrading and they comes with new attacks and different power level. Sometime the previous summons repeated again and again you can sell this summons and increase your coins and get more chronicle crystal and upgrade your other warriors. The game is full of powerful warriors and there also many high level PVP battle that is realize you, you are not much powerful and the power level of your warriors need to increase the final attacks break the limits. You need a good timing to dodge your opponent attack and hit him back.
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The things make the battle more realistic and interesting. There many high rated summon and Gogeta SSGSS blue is one of them. The story mode is also very interesting and after completing the story task you reach top the next level and more strong. You also train your warrior and increase the ability of attacks and health. The increasing the health is very helpful against the more powerful warriors at least you need three warriors team to fight PVP and also in story mode. You need to choose your most powerful dragon ball z warriors and after the wining your legends become stronger and increase your xp and also the team mate’s level. Especially the warrior increase the power level who end the battle with his ultimate attack you also change your character and chose your best player to you opponent. The each attack decrease you score level that is automatically increasing and you can control it by attacking your cards and there are you attack with the combinations of button. The break the limits and attack your warriors is one of the best attack but you apply this attack very carefully because you need a perfect time to attack and also completed all the 7 seven dragon ball for this attack.

Multiplayer Mode

One of the best thing about this game this is multiplayer and you invite your friend and family members. And chose your best 3 fighter and play it player Vs player. This game is very beautifully design and the artificial intelligence are awesome. With every update you get the new warrior and you update it your earning chronicle crystal. The bosses are very strong and there is you need your best (3p vs 3p) team to defeat it. Dragon ball super summons are very famous all the time and Saiyan ssgss blue is very popular.  Soon the Dragon Ball Z kakarot Game soon released for Ps4, Xbox one, Pc. This game is express the story line of Goku and showing the hidden factors of Goku. Goku also known as Kakarot. The mode is very challenging because this time you are not fighting with artificial intelligence warriors, that why the mode is very unique and entertaining. Many of the warrior you meet in this mode are very powerful and each opponent train his warriors very well.

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