Dragon Ball Super Broly 2 Movie

Dragon ball super was hit anime series and fans are really like it. The power of tournament saga attract huge audience and anime lover. After dragon ball super anime series they announced dragon ball super broly movie and dragon ball super broly is a big hit and people like the story line of this movie a lot. That movie released in December 2018 in Japanese and 2019 8 January in English. The movie is beautiful express the broly the legendary saiyan story. Broly first introduce in 1993 in dragon ball movie as a first legendary super saiyan.

Dragon ball Super Movie 2 Spoilers

In dragon ball super broly movie broly fight with goku and vageta and he is not controlling his legendary form. Goku ssgss red and blue also not capable to defeat him. Than goku and vageta transform each other and fused in gogeta. Gogeta is the most powerful fusion of dragon ball history and frieza was not know this technique. Gogeta ssgss final attack on broly and broly friends wish to Shernon and save broly and take him where he came. And the movie was end.

Drahon ball super broly 2 movie start where the movie end and attach the new story line of other universe greatest warriors. Moro be a part of this epic movie and the all story is very adventurous and full of action. This Movie Broly help the z warriors and fight against the evil power. Jiren and hit may be the part of this incredible power. The December 21 to 22 they announced the officially about the dragon ball super 2 movie and new satges that will be added in dragon ball legends, dragon ball dokkan battle, dragon ball fighterz and other series.   This is the second round of dragon ball super broly movie and this is more than entertaining as compare to first part.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2

Dragon ball super anime also coming in this summer 2020 with new evil villains and warriors. Frieza now alive and he attack already once in DBS broly movie and may be the next movie moro with frieza and both try to kill Saiyans together. Moro is the most powerful villain and he was officially express the power in Manga series and he want to killed Xeno Sama and take his place.  Dragon ball turn after a long time and now the publisher something new and also connect the story line from the past. DBS fans are very excited to watch new anime series and Dragon ball super broly movie part 2. Broly is one of the most power saiyan blood. The 2nd movie of broly is very excited and hope we see the new transformation of broly and other saiyan because this power is not to enough to fight against the evils. DBS Broly movie many scene is not be shown in first part and take it show and fans thinks this part connect with the second part of this movie and briefly explain it.

Dragon Ball Super Manga

Dragon ball super manga turn in new side and attach with the Super series, the manga moro character very popular and the moron mods already release for many games and the moro is very powerful villain in manga and his plan to kill Xeno sama and he is planning to making a powerful evil villain team and they help him with battle with Xeno sama and other warriors. Dragon ball all the time favorite anime but after the super series the popularity increase rapidly and the fans enjoy the series very much and the Dragon ball games also attract the game lover. The new transformation of super saiyan and other warriors take the anime series and manga in next level. Dragon ball Manga moro series explain the story line of other dragon ball universe.  

The most Popular Dragon ball games.

Dragon ball Z BT3

Dragon ball z bt3 one of the most popular game for play station 2 platform and this game also play on PC with ps2 emulator and the game is very popular in dragon ball z fans because the game is full of action and the story line is exactly same of dragon ball anime series. The fans is a huge contribution to make this game so popular because mods are still develop by the fans and the mods are very popular and now a days dragon ball heroes mods are highly demanded in dragon ball bt3 gamer. The game play and the ISO file is available on many you tube channels.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Dragon ball Xenoverse is one of the most playing game in 2015. The game is coming with the dragon ball super anime and the game AI and VFX are amazing and the game is full of action and unlimited story mode in it. The game full pack of action and there are many z warriors including new mods that is created by dragon ball fans. The game are having a amazing multiplayer mode that is attract the gamer to play this game. The game full of epic challenges and you invite your friends to fight against the epic evils and they help you to win this battle. The game is developed for PS4, Xbox One, and PC platform the game mods are very popular.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is most favorite dragon ball game with having a awesome graphic and latest DLC making the game more interesting. The game characters and attacks mod also very popular in YouTube and many other sites. Xenoverse coming during the Dragon ball super anime running and the story line of the anime is showing in xenoverse 2. Xenoverse 2 is highly demanded game with many realistic characters and you upgrade the characters for next battle. The battle have start with chose one playable character and other mates select by you and they help you to win the battle against the enemies.  Dragon ball mods are still running and the last DLC come with the New characters and ultimate attacks. The 1.14 v DLC very popular in xenoverse 2 fans. You also upgrading xenoverse 1.13 in 1.14.

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