Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68

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First we highlight the previous chapter highlight of dragon ball super.

Dragon Ball Super 67 Highlight/Overview:

In this chapter we read them all very happy to see Goku and Moro is completely gone. They are really appreciate goku and vageta, and they celebrate his victory in Hercules garden. They wish and recover all the planet and people too who killed by Moro. Jacco and expect the medal will be given on f them but the medal of honor Merus received. Berus get the penalt to interfere in Daikishin matters.

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An unknown intruder part of this chapter and he is unstoppable, he defeat all the guards one by one. Intruder reached to the OG73-I but why he want him this is not be cleared yet.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68:

This chapter is seems pretty interesting after reading chapter 67 but some things is not yet clear.

Did Moro is finally gone?

What Intruder want form OG73-i?

Who is the next evil in next manga?

Can Moro Come back once again to take revenge from Goku?

The chapter is very mysterious and leave many question in our mind.  Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 clear many things and plots. 


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