Dragon Ball Z kakarot Game

Dragon Ball Z all the time favorite anime for everyone. Dragon Ball many game running in the market and all the game very famous in world and Now Bandai Namco entertainment release the dragon ball z Kakarot. DBZ Kakarot explain the story line of Goku briefly that was not be describe deeply. Kakarot is the main leading Character of Dragon ball and very famous in anime lover.
Dragon Ball Z Kakarot may be the best game of 2020. This game release in 17 January 2020 officially for PS4, Xbox One and Pc.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot System Requirement

Minimum System Requirement                     Maximum System Requirement
Operating System
Win 7 64bit                                Win 10 64bit
Intel Core i5-                                    Intel Core i7-
Third generation                              Fourth generation
3.2GHz,                                            3.4GHz,
AMD FX-fourth generation            AMD FX-fourth genration
Graphic Card
AMD Radeon HD 6870,              AMD Radeon HD 7870,
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650     NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
System Memory
8GB RAM                                                       16GB RAM
Storage Memory
30 GB Approximately                                       30 GB Approximately
Direct X
11                                                                              11
Dragoon Ball Z Kakarot Story Line   
Dragon Ball z Kakarot is the highly demanded and most of the edition of Dragon Ball Kakarot already pre-order.  We all know goku also known with the name of kakarot, because kakarot his birth name and after coming on earth Gohan grandpa take him a Goku name. Grandpa gohan is a first master of goku and great friend of master roshi. Master roshi is the second master of Goku and after this goku went to the king kai planet and king kai train the goku. The game is only about the goku story and fans are very excited to play this game and I am sure it’s a very good and adventurous experience of the gamers. DB fans and lover also pre orders this game and buy the collection edition. Collection edition have the steal book and you can buy it from amazon and dragon ball z kakarot official sites. Dragon ball all the time favorite anime and the manga series read all around the globe.
Dragoon Ball Z Kakarot Modes
The game based on single mods. The story start with the goku and it training and the first saga saiyam saga and the fight is begin with the Raditz fight. And the after this the next mission Prince Vageta and Nappa. They are come to kill goku and z warriors. After king kai training goku reached to the next level kaiyoken and successful to save the earth from vageta and nappa. The next saga is Frieza Saga. Frieza saga is full of adventure and there is goku and z fighter fight against the most powerful evil fighter frieza, frieza want to control all the planet with his evil powers and want to destroy all the saiyan but the Goku turn in SSJ ( super saiyan) form and win the fight against the frieza. After this epic battle the Android Saga begin and trunks come from the future and warned all the z warriors from androids. The android saga ends and the cell saga begin without any break. Cell saga is very difficult from the z warriors and gokuy dead in this saga to save the earth and gohan turn into ssj2 (super saiyan 2) form and successful to destroy the Cell. Buu Saga is also very popular saga and this goku and vageta turn into vagito and the fusion and goku ss3 is defeat the evil buu and save the earth once again.

Dragoon Ball Z Kakarot New Transformation 

Kakarot story turn into new side that is title Dragon Ball GT and this saga Called Baby Sagsa and the Saga is full of action and Goku turn in ssj4 first time and fight against the baby vageta and once again save the planet. After this dragon ball take a long rest and come again in 2015.
Dragon Ball super is a very big anime series of 2015. The story begin with the beerus and the goku ssj3. The battle is called battle of god. The next destruction of F. the story is end with the tournament of power. The tournament and Black Goku saga is most famous saga and full of entertainment. The kakarot end the story with his ultra instinct master transformation. The transformation make this series and games mods more interesting and entertaining.

Dragoon Ball Z Kakarot Buu Arc

Dragon ball z kakarot is high rated fighting game and there is also include the buu arc in advanced. Buu saga is very popular anime series and the saga is full of action. The game is an action role play game and release in 17 January 2020 in USA. The Universe of Dragon ball anime they all know the goku and his Z warrior experience but in this game you observe the life of Kakarot or Goku.  The game is coincidence to explore the history of goku unbeatable adventure and the game is not be ending after this, Kakarot game is full of latest modes and telling the unhidden story side of Kakarot life and explain it deeply. Buu Arc added in because also player enjoy the buu saga with also having experience kakarot fights. There are many cut scene that is turn the game in your childhood scene that you also see in dragon ball, Dragon ball z, Dragon ball gt and after this come back in present dragon ball super.

Why this Game you do not Skip in 2020

This game is have extra high definition graphics and there are many mods and the game have incredible mission that end with the same action that was already we see in anime series and the ending always excited the player when he see it again in high definition with high poly 3d model. The Artificial intelligent of the games characters and the enemies are too good and the visual effects are attract the players. The fans are very excited to play it. Hope you guys like the game and enjoy it with your Console.
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