Fire Force Season 2 Episode 18 

Fire force is one of the interesting anime series and the first season of this anime is very popular. Season 2 also very interesting and anime fan like it a lots. This time comes with fire force season 2 episode 18, stay tune with us more for more upcoming update let’s starting. fire force manga series also very popular all around the globe.

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 17 Highlight/Overview:

In the previous episode we watched Shinra reached to the workshop, their Lisa attacking on him. The title of fire force SE2EP17 is “Boys, Be Weak” and in episode 17 Shinra met his brother Sho, he lead the command, he also want to kill fire force. They are not too much strong. Joker come in right time and save the fire force from the Sho. Workshop was destroy and they need to build it again.

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Fire Force Season 2 Episode 18 Spoiler:

The previous episode is very interesting and now they need to build or renovate the workshop. Shinra and Volcan are not have a power to fight theme and need to train themselves. The y get new place in upcoming episode and working to make it better.

Can Shinra  fulfill his promise?

Can Volcan get back the Lisa?

Why Lisa did not come with Fire Force?

Should Fire Force season 2 rock like season 1?

We have many question but to get the answer we need to watch upcoming episode.

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What is title and released Date?

Fore Force Season 2 episode 18 title is “The Holy Woman’s Anguish” and released on 29 October 2020 n Saturday.

Also known this anime this name Enen no Shouboutai: Ni no Shou.

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