How to Build Mugen Screen Packs and Health Bars

Mugen is the very popular game engine and easy to learn about it. In this engine using 8 bit graphics. This game engine fighter factory software for design the screen packs, health bars and characters. Fighter factory show the .SFF file and for coding using .DFF file and using CMD in it.
The build a game is not much difficult because there are many tutorials available in youtube and many other side. The engine mostly used the 8 bit spirits. The game is specially design by the anime fans.

Why Mugen is very popular?

Mugen is very popular for his size and 1000+ playable character in it and you easily change the character with V select software and using coding in select.DFF file. There is major files located in DATA folder.

How to Design Mugen Character?

You can design mugen character on paint, photoshop and other sprite making software. After design the sprite you put it on fighter factory and turn into animation and save it in .SFF file. After this paste the character in character folder in mugen and call it with V select or Select.DFF file.

How to Change the Font in Mugen Game?

Download the font that you want to put it. After download, paste the it font folder and go to the system.dff. opden it on notepad and change the name of font example. Font =  font you change it with your font name Font = arial. After this your font change in arial font.

How to design Mugen Health Bar or Life Bar?

You design your health bar in 480×360 pixel or any other pixel that you want. Design your health bar in paint, photoshop or any other software and open the images in fighter factory and align all with different groups. And putthe group in system.dff file with opening in notepad. Save this .sff file fight.sff file.
Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Mugen game?
Dragon ball new mugen is design by Numzz gaming studio and the graphics based on Dragon ball Z Kakarot Game that is very popular in anime world and the game based on goku life style. The goku is a main leading character and he is always try to save the humanity. This game have all the Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Heroes character be a part of this mugen Goku and vageta all transformation are in this mugen game. The game is a fan made version and design by a screen pack also available of this mugen. The pixel of the mugen is 1280×720. In this game Goku ultra instinct master, gogeta ultra instinct master, vageta blue beyond, jiren full power, broly movie, and many more characters. This game tutorial and exe file you also get it from our website. The gameplay soon available on youtube and social media.  
This is the basic mugen tutorial help you to know the basic about the mugen engine.
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Mugen most famous games

Super Smash Flash

The game released for win platform with multiple categories characters. The game have many playable with single mode, vs mode, tag team mode and vs tag team mode. The game have 37 characters with ultimate’s attacks. Each character have his own combo with special moves.

Dragon Ball Z Devolution

Z Devolution is one of the most popular game and the first version release 1999 and last variant release in 2003. Devolution have many playable characters and different areas. The game fan made game with 8 bit characters with famous attacks.
Dragon Ball Super Devolution

Super devolution version is based on dragon ball super characters with stages and the tournament of power stage is one of the most famous in fans. The game version tribute the dragon ball super anime series and it have fighting game with multiple modes.

Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Power 2

Ultimate power 2 have a duel battle and there are Z warriors fight and test their limits with ultimate attacks and new stages. The game have 70 playable characters. Characters have ki blast and having 3 super combos. Some warriors have the incredible transformation.

Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors

Supersonic Warriors is the fighting based game with having anime characters. The game have story mode that is feel you experience. The game free skill style with quick fight mode. You face difficult battle and powerful warriors.  

Dragon Ball Z Super Butoden

Butoden is one of the most popular action fighting game. The series also include the butoden 2 and butoden 3 variant. The all characters and events based on manga and Anime series. The game have 8 playable character and tournament mode. The graphics is very cool and AI very interesting and full of action. Some unblock character. The character have the combination of combos and attacks.

Dragon Ball Z Hyper Dimension

The game is similar to amine series and have two saga, freiza saga and Buu Saga. The game is good graphic with awesome AI. Good luck and enjoy the game.

Anime Battle

Anime battle is another most famous anime based game full of anime action with the favorite attacks. The game have all the famous anime series and movies characters. The game have 37 playable characters. This is the challenge with multiple modes.  Fight against the opponent that is controlled by computer AI and the AI works very cool. It is great combination of combos and skills of warriors.

Anime Legends

The game is full of anime action heroes and each characters have different abilities and skills, some combos are really awesome and damage hard.

Fairy Tail Vs One Piece

This is the biggest duel fighting game with having different skills and abilities. Each attack and combo is beautifully design and AI is fully developed and the AI and Design make the game perfect. One piece character are very powerful and very famous anime series and Fairy tail also have mystery attacks with ultimate combos.

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