Hyper Dragon Ball Z + Z2i Pack Free

Dragon Ball all the time people like this game and Hyper Dragon Ball mugen game is most popular all around the globe. Dragon Ball is ongoing Anime series and people wait for its episodes. www.animeintv.com  today we are discuss about the Hyper Dragon Ball mugen Z + Z2i pack.

Hyper Dragon Ball Z + Z2i Pack Free

This mugen have 30+ characters, the game is full of action and story Line of Dragon Ball Anime. This version have Dragon Ball Anime characters with transformation and upgraded attacks. This game is the one of the most popular game and play it around the globe. This game genre is fighting, Adventure and role playing. This game is design for Pc and the all the mugen game playable on pc but with the using the emulator you can play it on your Android mobile.

Goku and Vegeta is the most powerful character in this series and it popular is all around the globe and like it.

This is very popular and Dragon Ball fans are crazy about it. Dragon Ball fans are made himself to enjoy this game. The fans of Dragon Ball are play it on Arcade, Versu, Team Versu, vs, Survival, Coop, Survival coop and training mode. This is very interesting and its graphics very high. In this game involved all characters of Dragon Ball and its transformation with his upgrade real attacks. Dragon Ball are waiting for this game released and play it. This Mugen Game is single and multiplayer game.

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Hyper Dragon Ball Z + Z2i Pack Characters


  • Goku and its transformations
  • Vegeta and its transformations
  • Gohan and its transformations
  • Satan
  • Gotenks and its transformations
  • Picolo
  • Vegeto and its transformations
  • Freeza and its transformations
  • Buu
  • Pilaf Gang
  • Android 18
  • Black Goku
  • Gogeta and its transformations
  • Tien
  • Krillen
  • Zamasu
  • Merged Zamasu
  • Babidi


Hope you guys like the Hyper Dragon Ball mugen game 2020 and stay with us for more upcoming anime series.

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