One Piece Chapter 1011 always comes with new spoilers and anime series. Today we are talking about One Piece Chapter 988 Spoiler and Release Date.

In One Piece Chapter 988 will be revealing the fight between Sccabards vs Kaidou Dragon. Now, finally One Piece is getting to its epic climax as Luffy has declared and all-out war with Big Mom and Kaidou. The Samurais will be fighting Kaidou’s Dragon form while Yamato and Straw hats will be fighting the beast pirates.

One Piece Chapter 1011 Spoiler and Release Date:

This is getting really exciting as Kaidou is going to show his true power and Luffy has to fight him. The alliance’s attack was successful now the war has to be won. As we all knew that Kaidou is immortal and cannot be injured but Kiku pierces his hand and Neko injures his other hand. Raizo tries to slash his throat his throat with 2 blades, Kaidou is dumbfound. He wonders how their blades can pierce him, whether they can use Ryou. His scar that was given from Oden has started to give him pain.

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The beast pirates move in to attack the Sccabards but Hyogoro and the Old Yakuza gets in their way. As Yamato tries to join, Ulti finds and attack her. Yamato declares that she has switched sides and she will become Kozuki Oden.

Big Mom rushes at Luffy, she thinks that Kaidou is dead. Nami and Carrot will be using this chance to free themselves from Yokai. Kaidou praises Sccabards for executing the raid really well. But he says that the pirates will always betray them. Kinemon says that Luffy is different and will bring the Dawn to Wano. He adds to it that Luffy will take control of the ocean and will be remembered for ages. Big Mom asks Luffy why he came to Wano?

Luffy says that he came here to take all of them down.

When Kaidou realizes what Luffy has done, he burst out in anger. The Sccabards latch on to him. Luffy insures Kinemon that he will follow them soon. Kaidou is now ready to fight for real. He has reached the top of Onisgashima Skull Dome.

Kaidou reminds The Sccabards that Oden will not be there to protect them. He will kill all of them. Nekomamushi points out that they knew that Kaidou will be coming out to fight as his Giant Dragon form can’t fit inside his body. As all of this is happening, it is a full moon night!!!

One Piece Chapter 1011 will be released on 23 August, 2020.

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