One Piece Episode 945 Spoiler 

One piece anime is one of the most popular Japanese anime almost last 30th year. One piece anime season 20th are attract many of the new anime watcher. The One Piece Episode 945 turn this series another side.

One Piece Episode 944 highlight/Overview:

One Piece Episode 944 season 20th new arc turn with new way and there are many pirates. The title of episode 944 is “The Storm Has Come! A Raging Big Mom!”. Big Mom fell down the guards. She is very hungry and want to eat something. Everyone scare from the Big Mom. Queen sama was in trouble and not want to give a single piece of red bean soup.

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One Piece Episode 945 Spoiler:

One Piece episode 945 turn in a very interesting way. Big mom badly hit dinosaur with his single move. Queen sama is not even much powerful as the people things and the Luffy also shocked to see Big Mom. After seeing the empty bowl of red bean soup the Big mom going crazy and attack on Luffy and Old man.

How can Luffy Survive One Piece Episode 945?

Can Luffy able to fight against Big Mom Pirate?

How can Luffy Get the freedom?

Zoro can save the Toko?

Straw hat how to face the Orchi Sama team?

There are many question in fans mind but the question is only one to watch upcoming episode 945. One piece episode 945 revealed the power level of Luffy and Big Mom.


One Piece Episode 944 Spoiler 

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One piece Episode 945 title:

The title of One Piece Episode 945 is “A Grudge Over Red-bean Soup! Luffy Gets into a Desperate Situation!” and Luffy was in trouble because he was eat all the soup. The Big Mom angry on him and want to eat red bean soup.

One Piece Episode 945 Released Date:

One Piece episode 945 released date is 11 October 2020. This episode is released on my official sites and you can watch the episode funianimation and crunchroll.


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