One Piece Episode 946 Spoiler

One piece is one of the best Japanese anime and fans are crazy about it. One piece episode 946 coming with new adventure. There are there the big mom comes and feeling hungry and want to eat red bean soup. Japanese anime is one of the most entertaining series all around the globe.

One Piece episode 945 Highlight/Overview:

One piece episode 945 went was very interesting and the title of the episode is “A Grudge Over Red-bean Soup! Luffy Gets into a Desperate Situation!” and fans are excited to watch new one piece season 20 episode 946.

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The battle is begin between the beast and monster. Udon is in danger, big mom is very powerful as she seen. Emperor of the sea big mom reached to the next level and defeated Queen sama ( Udon sama ). Big mom get the soup pot but she is not known pot is empty. She is finding a person who ate the soap and people are pointing out the Luffy. Straw hat was in trouble and begging from big mom. Luffy able to breaks the collars and stand against the big mom.

One piece episode 945 spoiler

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One Piece Episode 946 Spoiler:

One piece upcoming episode make the fans are crazy. Luffy was in trouble and he is finding the way to capture big mom.

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Luffy can able to capture the Big Mom?

Can Big Mom calm down?

What is one piece 946 luffy going to next level?

Straw hats break the army of orochi sama?

How to get big mom red bean soup?

What will happen with luffy?

Luffy try to destroy the camp and trying to decrease the stamina of big mom. This is a deadly operation and how can luffy solved this. In the preview I see another pot and I am not know what is in the pot may be in the pot red bean soup.

The battle is going on who is the pirate king!

One Piece Episode 946 Title and Released Date:

One Piece Episode 946 title is “Stop the Emperor of the Sea! Queen’s Secret Plan!” and the released date 18 October 2020. You can watch latest episode Crunchyrole and funianimation, also have many other sites.


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