One Piece Episode 948 Spoiler always come with your best anime spoiler and this time we come One Piece Episode 948 and season 20 is going on. This is one of the best on going anime series and one piece manga is also very popular.

One Piece Episode 947 Highlight/Overview:

In previous episode 947 title is “Brutal Ammunition! The Plague Rounds Aim at Luffy!” and Big Mom in the condition no body stop but the big mom fell down. Queen sama thinking he is in trouble and take the big mom far away.

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Luffy want to continue his training and this is right time for it because there was no Big Mom and Queen. Luffy one again seen in trouble and other side the new prisoner expose himself.

One Piece upcoming episode is pretty interesting and full of action.

One Piece Episode 948 Spoiler:

In episode 948 luffy taro try to reached the next level haki and break all the plans of Kaido. Akazaya Samuria help luffy to fight against the enemies.

One Piece Manga chapter also very popular and fans are crazy about it.

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What is the Released Date and Title?

The title of the episode 948 is “Start Fighting Back! Luffy and the Akazaya Samurai!” and releasing on 1 November 2020 on Sunday.

Episode 949 title also revealed and the title is “Victory Has Come! Luffy’s Cry of Death” and released on 8 November 2020 on Sunday.

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