One Piece Episode 950 Spoiler

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One Piece Episode 949 Overview/Highlight:

In previous we watched Straw Hats fights and the prisoners was in trouble and the title of the episode is “We’re here to Win! Luffy’s Desperate Scream!”. Prisoners was turn into enemies by shoot gun plague. Luffy try to stop the infected prisoners and he want to win the Kaido. Babanuki was taking everyone in trouble. Chief Warden is defeated by straw hat and prisoners are in Straw hats side and attack on other guards.

Udon has been conquered!!!!!

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One Piece Episode 950 Overview/Highlight:

One piece manga series another side very popular, all pirates going to the land of wano and them all against Kaido. Luffy give the hopes and inspiration to the prisoner. Luffy was in trouble and he need to recover after the battle against Udon. After 20 years of pains they want freedom and piece of rest.

The race of the become a pirates going on.

Should Luffy ready to fight against the Kaido?

How much time Luffy time to take?

Luffy is not ready for ready to next battle let’s see what happen in next episode


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What is Title, Release Date Where to watch it?

One Piece Epi 950 title is “Warriors’ Dream! Luffy’s Conquer of Udon!” and releasing on Sunday November 15, 2020.

You watched in official sites in english sub and espanol dubbed, crunchyroll and funianimation etc.

One Piece upcoming episode title also revealed……..

One Piece Epi 951 title is “Orochi’s Pursuers! Ninja Army Corps vs. Zoro” and releasing on Sunday November 22, 2020.


One Piece Epi 952 title is “Tensions on Onigashima! Encounter?! The Two Emperors” and releasing on Sunday November 29, 2020.


One Piece Epi 952 title is “Hiyori’s Confession! Reunion on Bandit’s Bridge” and releasing on Sunday November 29, 2020.


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