One Piece episode 956 Spoiler

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Let’s talk about anime episode 956 but before this we highlight the previous episode to know it better.

One Piece episode 955 Highlight/Overview:

In the previous episode we watched the greatest swords man Zoro fight with the weapon snatcher. The title of the episode 955 is “A New Alliance?! Kaido’s Army Gathers!” and released on 20 Dec, 2020. Zoro know about the Enma the great sword and agree to exchange the Shushui sword with it.

Luffy is not right to fight against the Kaido, he try to reached to the next level but he is still not mastered in Ryou form. They are confuse the sign of moon with snake meaning and not get the port name. Kaido and big mom a part of the fire festival party and numbers also come there.

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One Piece Episode 956 Spoiler:

In one piece episode 956 are going to the very interesting way and fans are exciting about it. Animal Kingdom Pirates and Big Mom Pirates join together and called themselves An Alliance. Now they want to dominate the world. Zoro practice with the great sword Enma and prepare himself to fight with kaido but the straw hats not know Big mom Pirates and Animal kingdom Pirates joint together. They all prepare to the great battle against the Kaido.

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Let’s see who the king of the pirate become.

What is the title, release date and where to watch it?

One piece episode 956 title is “Ticking Down to the Great Battle! The Straw Hats Go into Combat Mode!” and released on Sunday 27 Dec, 2020.

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