One Piece Manga Chapter 999

The title of one-piece chapter 999 is “The sake I brew while waiting for you”. Ace is come for the kaido’s head. Yamato is the Kaido’s Daoughter, who are looking for kaido’s and see too much destruction in the island. They return all the kids to their families. Yamato is fighting there to prove that she is stronger. Ace is refused that yamato is stronger there and start fighting with her.

Yamato and Ace fighting with each other and said why hate father too much. People sees the symbol of lord Kaido’s. Yamato wants to live freely and go to sea. They both are about to going to the sea, to get to know what exactly things there. Ace telling her about his little brother, who will set out of sea in a few years. Yamato serve a warning to kaido’s that in the end he will never meet ace but ace said until I come back.

One Piece Episode 956

One Piece Chapter 999 Highlight:

Telling to Tama about Luffy, Oden and ace, that the dead of oden is very painful for luffy. Luffy is very insensitive and have been training to become a kunoichi and belive that ace will be return.

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Inside the dome live floor, Master queen order to go after Kaido but the man deny to follow him. Nico Robin, Bone Man run up the castle.


Master queen tell Kaido, you kill many people but leave the Nico Robin alive. They discussing much.


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