One Piece Episode 923 

One Piece create a very good height in anime world and it is on airing with long time. One piece season 20 begin and fan love it story. Everyone know the story of one piece if you do not we are explaining little bit, one piece is pirates based anime series and finding the treasure.

Previous One Piece SE20 episode 922, we watched Zoro are wining in Dice Game. Franosuke dono searching the blueprint of Kaido’s Mansion and many other people also finding it, someone tell him it is in Kuri. The gambler manager cheat with Zoro and Zoro caught his trick of cheating.

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In One Piece episode 923 we see Luffy once again. The Episode is full of action. The titled of One Piece SE20 Epi 923 “A State of Emergency! Big Mom Closes in!”
Transcription: “Kinkyū Jitai – Biggu Mamu Dai Sekkin!

” (Japanese: 緊急事態 ビッグ・マム大接近!)

The episode is released on 23 Feb 2020.


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