Revenge of Broly Game APK

Revenge of broly is an new game with latest story mode and ultimate attacks ki blast and many more. Broly is a very popular saiyan of Dragon ball anime series and after the dragon ball super broly movie the broly joining the team of z fighter. Dragon ball broly movie we see the history of broly and see the incredible power level of the legendry super saiyan.
Dragon ball super broly movie even Kakarot (Goku) is not be capable to fight him. His power level incredibly increase during fighting and the the fight turn into epic battle. Frieza kill broly father and after see this broly hyper and do not control on his powers.
Goku and vageta transform his ssgss form but this transformation is not enough for him. Broly get his power from his anger and he is out of control. At the end goku and vageta fused each other and turn into gogeta and gogeta is the most powerful fusion ever. Gogeta ssgss is more power as compare to broly ssj legendary.
This game especially design on story mode Dragon Ball Super Broly movie and the start with first chapter with goku base and vageta base. Chapter 2 start with goku ssj and vagate ssj. Goku ssgss red god and goku ssgss red vegata bosses. Gogeta ssgss blue is the main villain of this epic fighting game.
Now this game only available for android and only still the only adventure mods published. Revenge of Broly fan made game. It is not officially release for other platform. Golden frieza also a main playable character in this game.
This game functionality tag team fight broly and frieza is playable character and the others are the opponents. This game very interesting and fully based on frieza and broly you updates the attacks and the health of your characters by earning the coins after complete the chapter you get the coins that help you to increase your Attack and health. Big attack unlock at the beginning you unlock it by watching adds.
Dragon Ball Fan Fallowing
Dragon ball game all the time very popular and the fans also work on dragon ball z game. Many of the mugen style dragon ball game on google and you tube. The Dragon ball Broly movie fan made game is especially design for the fans that want to play it and the platform is Android because the dragon ball have many games for win, Xbox and play station platform but have not much game in android.
Soon we are publishing one more dragon ball z game that is design on dragon ball kakarot and the game graphic is look like kakarot game and the game is published for PC with mugen engine hope you guys like the game and appreciate us. The game is a full pack of all new dbs and SDBH characters and some of the movie characters in it. 
Dragon ball anime is very famous all around the world and I am also a big fan of it. We also are available on google play store with the Numzz Gaming Studio name and have you tube channel with the same name. we also working another android game that is multiplayer and you guys really love it. The game is released in the mid of summer 2020 with all new adventure of goku and other z warriors and evil villain the story begin with the goku childhood and turn into an new story line.
Hope you guys the fan made game that is published by Numzz gaming studio NGS.


Numzz Gaming studio have a you tube channel with the same name and there are they introduce the dragon ball games mods and there are mods come with high graphic and new attacks. Numzz Gaming Studio also make android games he is recently released bubble pop kids learning game. The game is free and having no ads.
The game is specially design for kinder garden or pre-school kids this is still have in English language but soon update it with new levels and increase the languages. They are soon release the fan made games on Mugen Engine. And also working on racing game soon you play this game and hope you all guys enjoy it and give us your reviews about it.

Dragon ball REVENGE OF Broly Updates

Revenge of broly soon updated with new mods and the game graphics created more better and each transformation more interesting the game is make for dragon ball fans and the game updated and release in January with new playable character the story have multiple mods and the mods also free with ultimate attacks. There are tag team mods, you need 2 characters and you need to upgrade your character to fight new z warriors and each z warriors are two good and having a great skill. Goku and vegata fusion also playable.
Dragon ball is one of the best anime series all the time and the game is explain the story of broly movie and the attacks of broly movie are awesome. Revenge of broly first variant release in 2018 and the new variant with advanced feature release in 2020 and there many updated feature and also new warriors that already introduce in dragon ball super heros promotional anime series. The main villain of this saga is fu and there many epic battle with new stages.
All the stages full loaded and you upgrade the attacks of your warriors and also unlock new characters with coins and diamonds, you earn the coin and diamond by completing the daily challenges and clear the stages. The game begin with the Sayain saga and freiza saga, cell saga, buu saga, baby saga, Omege Shernon saga, zamasu saga, Zenkai tournament, Tournament of power, Dragon ball super broly movie, Refraction on F, God Of Destruction and Dragon ball Super Heroes Saga a part of this game. The saga story and the epic battle with these warriors make the game more interesting.
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