Super Dragon ball heroes Episode 18 Spoiler

Super Dragon ball heroe’s previous episodes, we watched the power of goku and goku did not control the Ultra instinct master transformation in start and heart transform in ultimate form, and the villain heart is very power even right now Fu not be a part of this battle. Heart destroy all the universe one by one and the Goku and Vegeta fuse and turn into Gogeta transformation. Gogeta is very powerful fusion we all know this.

Heart is already turn on his ultimate form. Jiren and hit also Join the Fight and help goku and his team. Heart showing his power and destroy each and everything. The Battle is much difficult for Z Fighters. This is a big chance to win the battle against the heart because gogeta with them and both are the powerful warrior’s. This is a hope having enough power to win this battle against Fu and Heart. Heart observe the seed and showing a new transformation that is incredible.
The episode 18 title “Super Showdown! Gogeta vs Hearts!” would be the very Interesting battle. Gogeta once again show his SSGSS blue transformation. Gogeta vs Hearts maybe the last epic battle of this promotional series.

FU is the stronger than Heart?

There are the many DBH fans having a question about fu and heart. Whose they are watching the Dragon Ball heroes all episode they all see the power of heart but the fu is not showing his full power that why fan are doubted. If the fu there are not stronger than heart its mean the SDBH promotional series almost end.
In Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 18 we will watch the final fight Gogeta vs Heart. The fan are very excited for this and wait for it. The episode release on 22 December 2019. In 17 January 2019 the Dragon ball Z kakarot Video game release for Ps4, Xbox one and pc.
Gogeta SSGSS we last see in super dragon ball broly movie and now we see him again in Super dragon ball heroes’ episode 18 and the fans are crazy about it. Gogeta Vs heart battle possible the final battle and fu is not much stronger heart. But the all the answered of fans in episode 18 that is officially release in 22 December 2019.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2?

Dragon ball super season 2 is a big question for the fans. The series is end in 2018 and the last dragon ball super broly movie realese in December 2018. The series now take a rest almost for two years and the story of manga still continue and in the manga series they introduce the new evil villain moro. Moro is very popular manga but it have no chance to come in anime because the manga and anime so much difference.

Dragon Ball Super Broly 2 Connect with Heroes?

Dragon ball broly movie is end with gogeta and broly fight.  Broly is badly defeated by gogeta ssgss blue but at the end broly friend wish to the dragon to save the broly, and shernon take the broly on his planet. The next part of broly movie start with goku and broly training and broly part of z warrior and Goku, Vageta, Broly fight against the moro is the next movie or may be the against another evil that’s should be find by Frieza because frieza still alive and he want to kill goku and all other saiyans. Frieza afraid from the saiyan because saiyan become more powerful after every fight and the power level of saiyan incredibly exceed the next level. Broly legendry form is very powerful and it is equal to super saiyan blue. The pasrt2 of DB super broly movie something are more excited and very entertaining. Dragon ball super very popular anime and the last episode fan watched in open world tv and enjoy it together and the live action view is very awesome. DBS Broly movie 2 may be released at the end of 2020 because they are working on one piece and other anime and manga series. After dragon ball kakarot may be the next season start of dragon ball it possible Dragon ball Heroes and broly movbie connect each other?

What Is Fu Plan and Short Story Line Of SDBH?

Dragon ball hero’s promotional anime series start with fu the evil mind villain. Fu coming with his evil plan and want to destroy all the universe and kill the powerful warriors. He plan to take all the warriors in Prison planet and the plan was successful exist. There are many successful enemies that is control by Fu and the Kanba the Evil Saiyan is one of them. Future Xeno Goku SSJ 4 is also in prison planet with universe 7 goku, vageta, trunks and golden cooler. The kanba the evil saiyan turn into great apes and break the shield of prison planet during and fight there is first time fu appear. The FU cut the Kanba Tale with his sword. After some time we saw other evil warriors that part of fu plan and helping him to destroy all the universe. Fused Zamuos is also one of them and z warriors are in a difficult situation after see the zamous once again. They fu plan to put all the energy in the seed and destroy the universe with the seed and hearts was controlling the seeds and hearts have a power to destroy all the universe. Hearts main plan to kiss the Xeno sama. Goku trains by Daikishin when universe 11 and universe 7 warriors fighting with the evils. After some time goku and come with daishikin with in daikishin costume and turn into the ultra instinct master transformation and fight against the evil and fight Ultra Instinct Mastered show his full power and beat the evils but when hearts open his trumpet card the Gravity seed Goku power decrease against seed and he feel tired. Recently episode we see the heart absorbed the seed and show his new transformation and goku and vageta fused together and turn into Vagito.  
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