Super Dragon Ball Heroes  Super Decisive Battle! Gogeta Vs. Hearts!

 Dragon Ball Super Episode Release Date

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 18 is full epic battle. Gogeta Vs Hearts is the final fight of Dragon ball heroes and the promotional series end because this is only a promotional series and they stretch it too much and the already release the 17 episode. The Super Dragon Ball Heroes episode 18 episode release on 22 December 2019. The episode fight between the gogeta and heart that was already mentioned in the title of the episode.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Promotional Series

The Dragon ball heroes’ promotional series very popular in after dragon ball super. Fans are very excited about dragon ball super season 2 and want to see the Broly join the Z warrior’s team and fight with the evils. The new Moro introduce in manga and he having a deadly power.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Highlights

In dragon ball Super Broly Movie, Broly have the incredible power Goku SSSGSS was not defeat Broly Legendry transformation. Golden Frieza also badly defeated by Broly. Gogeta SSGSS is the most power fusion of Goku and vageta.
The fusion help the z warrior to defeat broly.
Now we see Dragon Ball Heroes episode 18 the Goku and vageta fused each other and turn into gogeta and break the limits once again and show the most powerful fusion ever. 
We watched in Dragon ball super all episode and see the new power of god of destruction, angels and the xeno sama. Goku breaks all the limits and reached to the next level and fight many warriors in tournament of power. After the end of tournament power the Dragon Ball Super series end and Super Dragon Ball Heroes promotional series take its place and connect the people with it. In the end of 2018 the dragon super broly movie released and we saw the new story line of goku and see the new warrior broly, broly have the incredible power level and reached to the legendry form with his anger. Broly increase the power level during fight. At the end of movie the broly safe by the shernon.

Dragon Ball Super Heroes Episode 18

Spoiler main plots, if the hearts defeat by gogeta sssgss its mean the fu comes and fight with Gogeta or it is possible hearts is the main villain of this promotional episode. After this episode may be the series ended and started the dragon ball super season 2.
What is Dragon Ball Super season 2 main storyline?

 Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Prediction

How many possibility of Dragon ball super season 2 is coming?
The all hints of dragon ball series is showing in manga episode. This is the possibility the Dragon ball super season 2 on air after Dragon Ball Z Kakarot game. The game based on Goku and goku also known as kakarot. Goku is the leading character of Dragon ball. 90 possibility the season 2 moro and broly on air in March or April. There is a many plots that was not properly describe in manga and fans want to know the history of moro and the want to know about most powerful universe. Universe 7 is very lucky to win the fight against universe 11. but now they introduce the broly and its very popular saiyan that was not showing before dragon ball anime series and now its time to show the broly and broly may be a part of z warriors

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Game

Dragon ball z Kakarot is upcoming Bandai namco game and the game is single mode game and the game is coming from Ps4, Xbox one and Pc Platform. The game is fully explaining the story of the Goku. Goku is the Legendry Character of Dragon ball series. The game is full of action and adventure. The mods is not be published yet because the game is not be released. Kakarot all the time favorite anime character and after the great come back in dragon ball super one time again awake the fans of Goku and dragon ball anime and love it so much. After GT dragon ball anime series take a rest and there are many of dragon ball games released and these are all very popular all the time and the mods of this adventure game very popular and these game also running right now and the many characters mods are very popular and the visual effect are highly attract the gamers. The game cute scene of dbz kakarot are making the game more entertaining and interesting. The story line of kakarot life is make the game more enjoyable and the anime of dragon ball very briefly explain the story of kakarot and other saiyans and also dynamic villains. The game is coming in 17 January 2020. The gameplay very popular in internet and many gamers give the positive reviews about this stunning game.

Dragon ball Super Season 2

Dragon ball super may be begin in mid of summer and there is already running a dragon ball heroes promotional series and dragon ball manga running and people are very excited about dragon ball super season 2 because the super season 1 very interesting and full of action and there are many new transformation and coming new epic warriors and that are show the power and break all the limits. The manga is turn into most interesting way with the new villain moron.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie 2

Dragon Ball Broly Movie end with the broly and Gogeta fight and Broly go back his planet. The next movie 2 the broly be a part of Z fighter, it is possibility because the goku reached to the broly planet with instinct transmission and invite the broly to train together and also want to learn new thing with Broly. Next year the story is turn into new story line with new villain and freiza awake the dark powers. May the movie come at the beginning in 2021. This is just a prediction to see previous story line.
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