Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 19

Super dragon ball heroe’s episode 18 gogeta vs hearts the most epic battle ever we see, but there is the gogeta can defeat hearts with his blue SSGSS transformation. Gogeta is the very powerful fusion ever in Dragon ball. But the gogeta SSGSS is enough to defeat Hearts.
Fans are want to see the Gogeta Ultra instinct master in dragon ball heroes episode 19. Fu is not be a part of this battle right now. Fu is hide himself and using the hearts to destroy all the universe one by one. Fu want to kill xeno sama and want to take his place and control all the multiverse. Kanber the evil saiyan still have a part of this battle nad something happen with Golden cooler.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 18

In episode 18 goku and vageta fused each other with the fusion dance and become a gogeta. Gogeta we last see in dragon ball super broly movie and fans very excited to see it. Broly show his legendry form in this movie.
Hearts is observe the seed and become a most powerful immortal. Now gegeta is only hope to destroy the heart because the ultra instinct master form failed to destroy him.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 19 highlight.

SDBH episode 19 gogeta fight with hearts and try to defeat him. SDBH may be the last episode of Universe Conflict Arc because after the heart no evil revealed in dragon ball heroes anime. Most of the chance Gogeta show something new in SDBH episode 19 and the ending in memorable. There have a chance there are hit and jiren help Gogeta to destroy the red energy ball that was made by Hearts to destroy all the Z warriors.

Gogeta Epic Transformation once again
Gogeta is turn into ssgss blue and fight with the heart and heart feel weak against the Gogeta. Every attack of gogeta push it back and back and heart out of control and attack with his Ki blast. Other z warriors are try to save themselves with the attacks and the episode end with Gogeta ssgss blue vs hearts.
Dragon Ball Super Broly movie 2

Dragon ball super is a most viewed and popular anime, Dragon ball super broly movie is a big hit after dragon ball super anime series and now they are preparing to make a dragon ball super broly movie 2. The broly movie 2 is change the history of saiyan life. Broly be a part of z warrior in the next part and the goku train broly. Broly control his power level and get more power. Goku and the saiyan is ready for the next evil. The dragon ball heroes promotional series soon end and the team is focus on manga. The manga is soon come to super series and after this the broly 2 movie is coming.
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3
Xenoverse 2 is the biggest dragon ball games, xenoverse 3 game date is not officially announced and many prediction about this game on google and other site. Dragon ball Z kakrot release in January 2020. May be the next year Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 released. The Xenoverse 3 having some new features with some new story mods. Xenoverse 2 and 3 are having many time patroller mission and many more DLC and characters officially out. The game lover loved the game.
Dragon ball Cell Saga
Dragon ball Cell Saga is one of the most popular saga and the villain is very powerful and having a ability to increase the power by absorbing other powerful warriors. This series start with the Z warriors training because z warrior already now about androids attacks in future and they are training for this. Trunks after this inform a new coming evil cell and cell is more powerful as compare to androids. Z warriors more power as compare to cell but after absorbing the android cell power break the limits and reach to the next level. Cell reached to the perfect cell transformation and goku believe gohan is one the greatest sayain who have destroy him. But other z warrior is not know the power level of gohan and piccolo think goku took a wrong decision. Gohan achieved the super saiyan form in very small age. Goku try to kill cell and he realize cell is more powerful him after absorb the android 17 and 18.
Cell make a junior cell to kill z warriors and the all the junior cell killed by gohan. Gohan was afraid about his power level, he think his power level would not be in his control and he destroy the earth with his ultimate power but goku trust on him and tell him to fight with cell. Goku try instinct transmission when cell try to blast himself, goku transfer to king kai planet. But the cell is reborn with his live cell and come back in cell tournament. Gohan show his new transformation super saiyan 2 and the all z warrior not know Gohan this epic transformation. Gohan SSJ2 give hard competition of cell and cell power level weak against the gohan attack. Gohan all attacks very powerful and the stage of tournament is destroy. Gohan punch on cell belly and android 17 pull back. Cell come back one level down and the transformation turn into imperfect cell. The cell power rapidly down and there are gohan have a good chance to destroy the cell and gohan prepare his final attack the Kamehamehaaaa and goku soul with gohan in this attack and the attack call Fathers Kamehamehaa. The cell is destroy by gohan and the android 17 understand about the humanity and marry with Krillen, android 16 destroy in cell saga and 18 also alive when they wish to shernon about alive the people that was killed by cell. The saga have a full of epic battle and the z warrior learn many things in this battle especially vageta. Vageta always think to better than kakarot but now they learn some new lesson and train himself more massive with his son trunks. Goku continue the training on king kai planet.
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