Super Dragon Ball Heroes Special Arc

We all know there are Dragon ball Heroes Universe Conflict Arc end with Gogeta Blue and hearts fight. Gogeta successful to lose him and save the universes. After the universe conflict arc we listing about big bang arc. What is happing in big bang arc.

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Dragon ball Heroes episode 21 Big Band Arc

The Previous episode of Dragon Ball Heroes was full of action and we really enjoy the combine attack of gogeta, hit and jiren.

Now there are something new thing running in Fu mind. Fu told this was a little experiment that is mean he is plan something dynamic.

The Dragon Ball heroes Episode 20 Special Arc Spoiler / Overview:

We see the title of Dragon ball Heroes Special Arc “Decisive Battle! Time Patrol vs. the King of the Darkness Realm”

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If you are not playing the game of Dragon Ball heroes so that is little beat difficult to understand.

Dragon ball heroes have many Demon evil villain and they are control by the time patrol. We see in the first episode we see the time petrol xeno goku. The xeno goku was there and the special arc all the time patrol try to stop there. The xeno goku, xeno vegeta and future trunk fight against the towa, mira and demon god. The battle are very interesting and full of action. We see in special arc Goku ultra instinct master once again. The episode released date 23 Feb 2020.

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The treasure of special arc released and where we see all the god of destruction and demon evil. There are we see also a bardock. Bardock in demon arc height this episode and turn this episode in new way. The story is attached with the super but in special arc we watched the epic fight and also see the most powerful villain.

Can we watched universe 11 and universe 7 warrior in special arc?

The special arc may be the created for time patrol?

Bardock with the Demon God sides?

Hearts is the most powerful villain, now the demon god enter for fight what is new transformation we see in this special Arc.

The fans are very excited to see the fight between Time Patrol Vs the King of the Darkness.

Hope you guys like the spoiler and stay tune with for all new upcoming anime spoiler.


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