Super Dragon Ball Heroes 

Dragon ball heroes promotional series turn in new way and explaining the new conflict arc after the hearts. In episode 21 of dragon ball super heroes Gogeta ssgss show his power against the seed absorbs heart and have incredibly show his devil power. Hearts attack on Gogeta SSGSS with his full energy Ki blast and Gogeta Still standing against the hearts attack. Dragon ball heroes all z warriors ready to work as a team mate and Hit & Jiren with them. Gogeta punch on Hearts and Hearts all seed power destroy by the punch, hearts came his normal form and Gogeta ssgss collect his energy. Gogeta ready himself to attack on Hearts with his special combo Kamehamehaaaaaa. Gogeta SSGSS shoot his powerful energy blast on hearts and heart try to stop it.

That is the movement Gogeta SSGSS needs the help of other z warriors, jiren and hit. Piccolo give the sign the other warrior to ready for fight. Hit and Jiren flying to Gogeta side and attack on hearts with his special combos. Hearts did not stop the attacks of Gogeta ssgss, jiren and hit. The Hearts attack is destroy and after that the energy of Z warriors is not control by Hearts and the heart removed and the arc is end with hearts. The Universe arc end and new arc name is already decided, the new arc name BIG BANG ARC.


The new arc story is not be expose now because nobody know, what is running on FU mind. FU said in episode 19, this was a good experiment and now ready for next experiment.
We are thinking Dragon Ball Heroes Universe Conflict Arc was the last arc but after to see Fu again. There are many new stories is running in dragon ball fans minds and there are no many FU warriors alive. The Kanba SSJ Evil saiyan badly beaten by Golden Cooler.
Frieza Be a Part of Fu Plan:
We see Last time frieza in dragon ball super broly movie. There frieza are finding some new warriors that are have a power to kill Goku and Vageta but Frieza is not knew about the fusion technique. Dragon ball heroes Big Bang Arc is start with Frieza, it is possible because nothing is impossible in Dragon Ball Heroes series. The series are very popular and the next episode date is not confirmed but the Big Bang Arc coming in March 2020.  The March month is come back with one more epic villain and may the villain is Freiza or Broly. This is just a spoiler we see what is happening in Big Bang Arc in March. Even right now the Big Bang Arc first episode title not revealed. There are a big suspense and the episode almost take 2 month for publishing.
There are many of the story point out against the MORO the evil warrior that is expose in Dragon Ball Super Manga and this Character very popular after Broly movie. Moro want to kill Xeno sama and it is possible, Moro be Fu side and Big Bang ARC come with MORO. MORO is more powerful ultra instinct master. The power of Moro may be more than or equal to Gogeta SSGSS. Now this time if MORO be a part of FU experiment the Z warriors and other warriors need some new transformation and reac to the next level. Because during the fight of hearts Z warriors are two much weak and Gogeta fusion is gives them a new hope and the hope is work and Hearts die.
MORO know about the ultra-instinct master form and MORO power level is truly incredible and his anger level increased the power of MORO all the time. Moro was poisoned in universe and able to break the prison and now he want shed and recover his strength to kill the Xeno sama. Before killing Xeno Sama he need to kill all the universe warriors and the warrior are try to stop him. The story of Heroes are turn very interesting way if the Moro is in Fu side. Fu also a Powerful villain and he is playing with different universe warriors in prison planet. May be the Fu is not alone and someone order to FU for doing this. Because in Xenoverse 2 latest DLC FU teen also expose with his mom dad. Let’s see it is possible or not.


It is possible Fu have no other warriors in his side and the all the warriors Kanba,
Zamasu, Babies, Hearts are just a trick to see the real power of Goku and his friends. Now the Fu are ready to kill them and everything going right with his plan. But there are many thing is not be clear in Dragon ball heroes anime series, the all series start with Fu and we are not clearly define where to FU come and why he is playing with all universe. Fu plan was not Successful and one by one Goku and other warriors going to next level.
Even Goku trained by Daikishin and mastered in Ultra instinct transformation and break all the limits but the transformation is not enough for Hearts because hearts absorb the seeds. There are many unpredictable things. But one thing is really appreciate about the Fu. Fu plan very well and Z warriors and other universe badly prison in prison planet. There are some warriors is not showing in Big Bang Arc, Xeno Goku ssj4,Golden Cooler is one of them. It is possible Kanba attack damage the Golden Cooler system and the Cooler is out of control. Cooler may be in evil side and the kanba evil power effect on it. It is just a Spoiler.
This is a spoiler about dragon Ball Heroes Anime Series, there are many possibilities but we see what is really happen in Dragon Ball Super Heroes Anime Episode 20.
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