Wonder Egg Priority

Wonder Egg Priority (Japanese Hepburn Wanda Eggu Puraioriti) is an original Japanese anime television series animated by CloverWorks. The series is a co-production between Aniplex, NTV, and D.N. Dream Partners, and is written by Shinji Nojima, directed by Shin Wakabayashi, and features character designs by Saki Takahashi. DE DE MOUSE and Mito are composing the series’ music. Wonder Egg Priority directed by Shin Wakabayashi and written by Shinji Nojima.

Wonder Egg Priority released date and where to watch it

Wonder Egg Priority started January 13 2020, its country origin is Japan and its original network is TV Tokyo, NTV, STV, BS NTV, KRY and other nnetwork where to watch it. Wonder Egg Priority ongoing anime series. This anime 2episodes was released and his 3 episode is released on January 27, 2021. Wonder Egg Priority episode 3 you can watch it. The title of episode 3 si “A Bare Knife” Transcription: “Hadaka no Naifu”